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MHC 703

This all-air mobile dental unit is self-supplied with water from a bottle.
The height is electrically adjustable to suit all situations.
This cart is stable and easy to use.
The air and water adjustment is done on each instrument.
The selection of the instruments is automatic.

– 3 function syringe air / water / spray
– 3 midwest 4-hole instrument outlets (Turbine, contra-angles, or other. . . )
– Adjustable spray per instrument
– Autonomous function (sterile water)
– Progressive disc pedal
– Electrically adjustable height by button


MHC 702

Including :
– 1 instrument control pedal
– 1 pneumatic instrument output (midwest 4 holes)
– 1 brushless micromotor
– 1 3-function syringe with interchangeable tip
– 1 suction cannula (non continuous use)
– 1 autonomous water supply system
– 1 bottle for collecting suction waste
– Individual spray adjustment of the rotating instruments
– 1 oil-free compressor


MHC 800

– The MHC 800 is a mobile and efficient suction device, which does not need any additional equipment. An electrical supply is sufficient.
– Because the acoustic signal is very weak, it can be perfectly integrated next to the dentist’s chair or can be changed due to the needs of the practice.
– The MHC 800 is easy to install and can therefore be very useful in case of a breakdown of a classical suction device.
– The MHC 800 can be emptied through the junction of the internal reservoir.
– The MHC 800 is robust and barely needs any maintenance.