New product in the range : AutoClean 13L

Our range of automatic ultrasonic cleaners has been extended, with AutoClean now available in 19L and 13L versions.

AutoClean  is a latest-generation automated ultrasonic cleaner.                                               Its 19L or 13L tank means it can handle a large capacity of instrumentation in a single cycle.  


AutoClean with its half-load function, you can tailor its use to your needs. Usable capacity 15L when fully charged and 9L when half charged for the 19L.  Useful capacity 9L when fully charged and 6L when half charged for the 13L.  


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Supplier of dental surgery equipment

We are a French company specialising in the design and marketing of ultrasonic cleaners.

Founded in 2011, MHC Technology designs ultrasonic cleaners for dental practices. We work with distributors in France and Europe to offer our customers innovative, high-quality products for cleaning, decontaminating and drying instrumentation.