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Compact and ergonomic
Modern design
Handpiece and burs rack integrated
Easy and safe to handle
Speed control per unity or variable pedal switch, switch of
rotation direction
Retouching efficiency
2,8 Ncm
Quiet without vibration or heat emission even after intensive use

Compact and ergonomic
Attractive, modern design, less space required on the workspace Power supply unit integrates the foot pedal
Easy to use
Foot-operated variable speed control
3,5 N.m ~ 40.000 tr/min
Quiet without vibration or heat emission, even under heavy use

Ideal for mobile use, combined with a modern design, it is not only reliable but also easy to use.

Voltage 12 V DC
Power 25 W
Lithium-Ion battery
Operating time 4 ~ 8 hours
Speed 30.000 rpm
Weight 126 gr
Torque 2,9 N.cm
Dimensions handpiece L131 x D 21.2 mm

The MHC 210 is an induction micro motor (Brushless)

Its considerable torque allows to deal with all kind of materials without overheating, even after longer use.

The robust design generates less noise and vibration.

It can be ordered with an adjustable speed, which can be controlled from the table, the knee or the foot at the same time.

The digital LCD display permits to check the speed effortlessly during the work.

The handpiece is light, ergonomic formed and compact, which accords a high comfort of use and reduces the fatigue while working

Micromotor LED NX
The LED NX micromotor offers a superior lighting quality than halogen lamps. It is silent and light (92 g), vibration free and offers a minimal heat emission at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.