Dental scaler and lamps

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Dental clearance, endodontic treatment and periodontal treatment. It has
an integrated irrigation container, which can be filled with solutions like
e.g. hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine or sodium hypochlorite.

  • Water pressure 0,1 to 5 bars
  • Output power 3 to 20 W
  • Output oscillation frequency 28 khz
  • Tank capacity 1 x 350 ml + 1x 500ml
  • Dimension s (mm) 237 x 206 x 95
  • Light       LED
  • Weight 1,3 kg

6 W LED ultra efficient, new LED technology
150 cycles of 20 seconds, battery with a high performance and LED with a long durability (more than 2500 hours), display of a low battery, automatic switch off when not used
3 Modes of polymerization (full, progressive, pulse)
4 Setting Time (5, 10, 15, 20 seconds)
Easy Use Digital display, intuitive, ergonomic, robust and modern (handpiece made of anodized Aluminum)

The body is entirely made of metal;
Lightweight and very thin (only 13.5 mm diameter)
 360° swivel head
 Broad spectrum for polymerization: 385~515 nm
 Caries detection mode 40~420nm
 LED power control system (radiometer)
 Curing up to 10mm wide
 Curing depth up to 8mm
Two batteries supplied as standard, 200 cycles per battery
Time 10 s and 20s

The dental curing light Flash integrates the latest LED technologies.
It combines an innovative concept with a modern design.
Flash generates a powerful light force of 2700 mW/cm², which guarantees curing in a few seconds.
In the standard mode, with 1500 mW/cm² Flash can easily adapt to all situations.
At full power, it generates a powerful lightforce which generates an efficient polymerization, even when the tooth is not touched directly.