Sealing Machine

Powet supply:                  AC 230V  -  50 Hz

Power:                                     100 W

Welding temperatur:                 220°

Maximal roll width:                250 mm

Width of weld seam:               10 mm

Temperature adjustment:    Thermostat

Preheating:                             3 Mmin

Dimensions (mm):                440*250 

Weight:                                     8 kg

MHC400 Water distiller
MHC400A Activated carbon
MHC400B Decalcifier










The water distiller MHC produces perfectly pure water by distillation. The machine heats the water up to 100° which rises up as steam to the condenser.
The process of distillation kills all bacteria, viruses and other water existing micro-organisms, while the other materials (solid or liquid as e.g. scale, pesticide, …) remain in the container.
In the serpentine cooler the steam converts to water before it is let through a activated carbon filter in a second cleaning process.


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