This light mobile dental unit has a self-contained water system. The height is freely adjustable in order to adapt to all situations. The cart is stable and easy to use. The adjustment is possible for each single instrument.  The choice of the instruments is automatic:
- Syringe 3 features air / water / spray
- 3 output instruments Midwest 4 holes (turbine,  contra-angle, or  other …)
- Spray adjustable per instrument
- Suction cannula 
- Autonomic feature (sterile water)
- Progressive pedal disc
- Base in u-form adjustable from 75 up to 85 cm.


Air pressure:                      400 ~ 500 Kpa

Flow capacity:                       50 L/min

Water pressure:                     200 Kpa

Dimensions (mm):        540 x 470 x h(750 à 880)

Weight:                                    23 kg

3-way syringe:                           oui

Cord Midwest:                            3







                                           MHC700 Mobile dental unit               

                                      Lighting option/Micromotor option

                                     (electric compatible with MC3 LED)