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Manual sterilization line


1- Decontamination Tank
2- Recessed Ultrasonic Tank
3- Rinsing Tank
4- Dryer of instruments

 Discover our new MHC 80NC


This last generation ultrasonic cleaner combines technology and efficiency. Its refined lines, automatic lid and touch control panel give it a unique style.


Protect yourself from the Covid-19

Secure your interventions

Protecting against COVID-19, our new external spray suction allows you to resume your activity with complete peace of mind.


Its system absorbs and filters viruses during your operations thanks to its 6-level security which also allows you to purify the air in the dental office.


The MHC 640's light intensity can be adjusted to suit your needs with 5 levels of adjustment up to 100,000lx max.


You can use its rotating handle to select the focal length. In addition, the handle can be removed and sterilised.


This light is suitable for any practice. Indeed, it can be mobile, wall or ceiling mounted!

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Enjoy optimal light intensity of up to 130,000lx with our MHC 655 surgical light.

The touch control from the handle will help you increase or decrease the size of the light field as well as control the light intensity.

It has 3 different modes allowing you to vary the intensity of the light.

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MHC 655

MHC 655

The MX Nano Led MHC514 is a wireless pen-type light and caries detector for dental professionals in dental practices or laboratories.


It has an ergonomic design with a small and light weight.


Its LED tip is individually adjustable and can be rotated 360°. The LED head design provides excellent intraoral access.



MHC 514