Power supply:         AC 230 V - 50 Hz

Power:                              0,5 kw

Max flow capacity:      1300 L/min
Noise level:                     56 dB
Dimensions (mm):  450 x 320 x 865
Weight:                             30 Kg

The MHC 800 is a mobile and efficient suction device,which does not need any additional equipment. An electricalsupply is sufficient.

- Because the acoustic signal is very weak, it can be perfectly integrated next to the dentist’s chair or can be changed due to the needs of the practice.
- The MHC 800 is easy to install and can therefore be very useful in case of a breakdown of a classical suction device.

- This mobile suction can be used continuously for a longtime.
- The MHC 800 can be emptied through the junction of the internal reservoir.
- The MHC 800 is robust and barely needs any maintenance.



MHC800 Mobile suction