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Ultrasonic cleaning is a recognized process for the quality of its results and widely used in many sectors of activity.

Ultrasound, ultrasonic waves created by a transducer, propagate in the liquid and create pressure variations. Tiny bubbles of emptiness appear: this is the phenomenon of cavitation.

These bubbles then implode in contact with immersed parts and thus allow the removal of dirt.

In addition, the energy developed by this ultrasonic cavitation increases the effectiveness of the chemical action of the cleaning solution.

Our range of ultrasonic baths is designed to meet the highest cleaning standards.

These cleaners, made from the best materials, are reliable, easy to use and maintain.

Available in 3L, 5L, 7L, 10L, 13L and 19L with or without heating, they are available ready to use with all their accessories.


Power supply: AC 230V, 50Hz / AC 110V, 60Hz. Complies with European safety standards.


Ultrasonic generator: Frequency 40 KHz
- Transformation of ultrasound into mechanical vibrations by piezoelectric transducer.
- Longitudinal distribution of vibrations in

Touch control panel:
On / Off switch on the front panel
Light on indicator

Timer: Programmable from 1 to 99 minutes in steps of 1 minute
- Remaining time display
- Modification of the remaining duration during the cycle
- Automatic memorization of the last program


Heating: (for tanks with heating) Programmable from 20 to 80 ° C
- Display of the T ° of the liquid in real time
- Regulated temperature
- Heating activation / interruption regardless of the cleaning cycle

Supplied accessories:
- Power supply cable
- Stainless lid
- Stainless steel basket


- Drain valve in lateral position
- Quarter-turn valve closure

- Low level cleaning liquid sound alarm
- Automatic interruption of the cleaning cycle in case of lack of cleaning fluid.

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor against any manufacturing defect.


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